The HSP Trigger of Pressure – 40-Day Journal – Day 11

By HSP Mama I get more frustrated then I should as a highly sensitive person when my forward movement is interrupted in some way. For example, when I am walking down a busy sidewalk and someone is walking more slowly than usual … usually because they are texting or doing something on their phone, andContinue reading “The HSP Trigger of Pressure – 40-Day Journal – Day 11”

HSP Reflection on The Story We Share – 40-Day Journal – Day 10

By HSP Introvert Although we often fail to recognize it, we all share the same story The story of falling and at times being rescued The story of sometimes continuing to fall with no hand to arrest the descent Yet the story we share is also of finding unexpected grace in unexpected places We allContinue reading “HSP Reflection on The Story We Share – 40-Day Journal – Day 10”

Healthy Eating for a Highly Sensitive Person – 40-Day Journal – Day 8

In the discussion of healthy living, the matter of healthy eating is bound to come up at some point. “You are what you eat” and all of that. Naturally, diet is an important part of a healthy-living conversation, but it is not the whole conversation. I feel that sometimes when discussing healthy living, diet andContinue reading “Healthy Eating for a Highly Sensitive Person – 40-Day Journal – Day 8”

40-Day Journal – Day 7 – The Philosophy of Pain

By HSP Mystic Chronic pain can make it nigh impossible to focus on anything else. I’ve dealt with chronic pain off and on for years. Over the last several weeks, it has been particularly bothersome. Progressively so, to where for the last few days I have found it a challenge to focus my attention onContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 7 – The Philosophy of Pain”

40-Day Journal – Day 5 – Time in Nature

  By HSP Mama Continuing my thoughts from my last post on day two, when it comes to space, it feels different outside. Outside, the energy of people seems to dissipate into the atmosphere and it’s easier to just breathe. Easier to find myself and to lose myself … in all the best ways. ItContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 5 – Time in Nature”

40-Day Journal – Day 4

By HSP Scholar When I was growing up, I remember being taught that faith is the opposite of fear and if you have enough faith then you cannot be a captive to fear. I spent much of my childhood teen years and even early adulthood captive to fear and anxiety, and often assumed it wasContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 4”

40-Day Journal – Day 3

By HSP Mystic For the next forty days, I have decided to read about and contemplate the lives of various Catholics writers and saints. I was not raised a Catholic and would not today consider myself one, yet I find more and more that there are knowledge and wisdom to be gained from many beliefsContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 3”

40-Day Journal – Day 1

By HSP Introvert It’s strange and welcoming that on the first day of my 40-day focus on healthy living, I am back in a place – a situation – where I feel I can write. When I left this place, I did not foresee myself returning, especially not so quickly. But here I am …Continue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 1”