HSP Struggles with Perfectionism – HSP Journal, Day 16

I’m having a hard time maintaining this blog because my head keeps struggling ahead of my heart.

I feel like I’ve broken my own promises by not maintaining the right blogging schedule.

Part of me tells me to just write.

Just write who I am and say what I need to say. Share who I am as a highly sensitive person and don’t worry about all the mechanics and structure and technological housekeeping.

But then the other part of me (the perfectionism speaking) says I have to get it right. I have to have a schedule for my blog posts I have to keep up with the things that I originally planned to do.

I’ve made the mistake of reading articles about what it means to be a successful introverted blogger and how to create a successful blog.

When I think about fulfilling all of that, it takes the heart out of just writing.

I love to write and I love the idea of connecting with people who understand.

For so much of my life – and even now sometimes – I felt alone about the way I absorbed and processed and looked at life.

When I realized I was a highly sensitive person … and learned what being an HSP meant, it made all the difference for me.

It means so much, I know, to see another introverted blogger write the things I’ve always thought … and realize that I really am not alone.

And I hope to make that same difference and bring that same hope to others … to anyone who might happen upon this blog for introverts and HSPs.

But I find it so hard to focus on just writing blog posts.

I need to be in a certain frame of mind and have the mental space to think and process and then write, and I rarely find myself in that frame of mind.

Perhaps some people can just push through and force themselves to write. The people who have a disciplined habit of writing every single day.

I rarely can, though I would love to have more discipline in this way. 

Sometimes I just don’t have the heart or the mindset to write anything, much less a cohesive blog post.

Other times, I get so full of everything I want to say that nothing seems to make sense.

And still other times, I write something and look it over and overthink and decide it’s not worth posting (again, my perfectionism rearing its fancy little head).

That’s where this introvert bloggers’ journal comes in.

I’m trying to get more comfortable with posting something without editing and processing and fixing things up several times before I finally post it.

Trying not to be immobilized by perfectionism. 

So, I tell myself to just write. To just finish this 40-day journal and see what happens next. 

Take it one day at a time and not worry about whether or not I’m doing this blogging thing perfectly.

Taking it home …

If you’re an HSP, what do you tend to overthink and feel you have to do perfectly?

Maybe it’s not blogging or writing. It could be anything under the sun: speaking, making friends, undertaking a hobby, starting a new profession.

What if you took away the debilitating facet of perfectionism?

What if you chose to accept yourself and just had fun with it?

Tell me … what kind of difference do you think that would make?

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Just an HSP introvert navigating an aggressive world | Reflections | Essays | Stories | Field Notes | Support for HSPs, emotional introverts, and empathetic feelers.

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