To the HSPs

When you are a highly sensitive person in an aggressive world, an empathetic introvert in an increasingly insensitive and extroverted culture, sometimes you just need a break.

Sometimes you need information and data to help you understand that it’s not “just you.”

Sometimes you need to read about the experiences and frustrations of others who, like you, deal with the challenges of operating with high levels of sensitivity and emotions.

And sometimes you just need a story.

Here at The Emotional Introvert (aka HSP Introvert), you’ll find all three.

We provide relevant content on all things related to the Highly Sensitive Persons, the Emotional Introverts, and the Empathetic Feelers of this world.

To the non-HSPs

And if you found this site because you don’t fall in the above categories, but you love someone who does, please take time to get to know them.

It is said that still waters run deep. Think of the poets, the mystics, the artists whose work reflects deep thoughts and deeper emotions.

If a highly sensitive introvert trusts you with a piece of their heart, treasure it and do all you can to keep it safe.

You never know what great things can come from the quiet, reflective ones among us who aren’t afraid to delve within and discover (and uncover) greatness.

Quotes on Highly Sensitive People

When you’re sensitive, you’re alive in every sense of this word in this wildly beautiful world. Sensitivity is your strength. 

Victoria Erickson

As a highly sensitive person, I can sense your mood from a mile away. Don’t try to hide it. You’re not fooling me.

Tracy M. Kusmierz

Everything I experience hits me deep, raw, and intense. As an empath, I feel the energy of myself and others.

Sylvester McNutt III