Highly Sensitive Children and Sibling Relationships

By HSP Scholar It is virtually impossible to determine the full effect of sibling relationships on children. You will find much research and data on parent-child relationships, but far less research has been done on sibling relationships and outcomes on children. One study on sibling relations states, “In comparison to the wealth of studies onContinue reading “Highly Sensitive Children and Sibling Relationships”

The HSP Trigger of Pressure – 40-Day Journal – Day 11

By HSP Mama I get more frustrated then I should as a highly sensitive person when my forward movement is interrupted in some way. For example, when I am walking down a busy sidewalk and someone is walking more slowly than usual … usually because they are texting or doing something on their phone, andContinue reading “The HSP Trigger of Pressure – 40-Day Journal – Day 11”

The Highly Sensitive Child and Depth of Processing

In her groundbreaking book, The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine Aron writes about the acronym DOES. The first letter, “D”, stands for depth of processing. Perhaps you are a parent of a highly sensitive child and you wonder how this processing works for your child. A highly sensitive person processes things more deeply than most. IfContinue reading “The Highly Sensitive Child and Depth of Processing”