So This Is 2021

A new year has begun. Some years, December 31st passes into January 1st without a lot of fanfare, it seems. I mean, there are always potential parties to attend, places to go, and other ways to ring in the New Year. (But we HSPs generally don’t go for those things anyway … big crowds andContinue reading “So This Is 2021”

While California Burns, I Find Myself Planting

Thousands of acres in California are burning. Trees and plants, homes and fields. It tends to happen at this time in the year when the land is dry and rains have not come for months on end. But this year stands as one of the worst for California fires in recent history. This morning IContinue reading “While California Burns, I Find Myself Planting”

HSP Struggles with Perfectionism – HSP Journal, Day 16

I’m having a hard time maintaining this blog because my head keeps struggling ahead of my heart. I feel like I’ve broken my own promises by not maintaining the right blogging schedule. Part of me tells me to just write. Just write who I am and say what I need to say. Share who IContinue reading “HSP Struggles with Perfectionism – HSP Journal, Day 16”

Church, Coronavirus, and the Comfort Level of an HSP – 40-Day Journal – Day 14

  By HSP Mama On Sunday, I went back to church for the first time since early March. My husband had been attending for several weeks now, along with whichever of our kids wanted to go. I stayed back with whoever did not want to go. In truth, I did not want to go toContinue reading “Church, Coronavirus, and the Comfort Level of an HSP – 40-Day Journal – Day 14”

HSPs and Decisions, Decisions – 40-Day-Journal – Day 12

I don’t like being pressured into making decisions. For this reason, I think, I rarely answer simply, “Yes” or “No,” which frequently bothers my children who often want a simple answer. My answers are rarely simple because life is rarely simple and situations always have more going on than what warrants a simple yes orContinue reading “HSPs and Decisions, Decisions – 40-Day-Journal – Day 12”

The HSP Trigger of Pressure – 40-Day Journal – Day 11

By HSP Mama I get more frustrated then I should as a highly sensitive person when my forward movement is interrupted in some way. For example, when I am walking down a busy sidewalk and someone is walking more slowly than usual … usually because they are texting or doing something on their phone, andContinue reading “The HSP Trigger of Pressure – 40-Day Journal – Day 11”

Healthy Eating for a Highly Sensitive Person – 40-Day Journal – Day 8

In the discussion of healthy living, the matter of healthy eating is bound to come up at some point. “You are what you eat” and all of that. Naturally, diet is an important part of a healthy-living conversation, but it is not the whole conversation. I feel that sometimes when discussing healthy living, diet andContinue reading “Healthy Eating for a Highly Sensitive Person – 40-Day Journal – Day 8”

The Complex Emotions of a Highly Sensitive Mama (A Mother’s Day Post)

By HSP Mama So, it’s Mother’s Day 2020. By the looks of it, a lot of moms are celebrating by posting photos of their kids or photos of their mom or both. There’s not a whole lot more we can do with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. I remember reading somewhere that Mother’s Day is theContinue reading “The Complex Emotions of a Highly Sensitive Mama (A Mother’s Day Post)”

5 Worst Careers for a Highly Sensitive Person

Like any other person, a highly sensitive person needs to find a career where they feel comfortable and fulfilled.

Unlike any other person, however, an HSP faces certain challenges that make some jobs less-than-ideal.

Here’s our list of the five worst jobs for a highly sensitive person.

HSP Field Notes on Driving

As a highly sensitive person, you don’t want to take everything personally, but you do. Everything includes driving, or more specifically, the other drivers. You take it personally because you know the cars are not simply cars – inanimate objects operating independently of emotion and feeling. There’s a driver inside … and that driver isContinue reading “HSP Field Notes on Driving”