Chronic Pain, Bane or Blessing – Day 13 – 40-Day Journal

Although I don’t like to talk about my chronic pain much, I recently mentioned it to my uncle, as I had to decline on yet another offer of his to join him in hiking around the Rocky Mountains. He takes these trips regularly and it’s a wonder that he is so fit for being nearlyContinue reading “Chronic Pain, Bane or Blessing – Day 13 – 40-Day Journal”

40-Day Journal – Day 7 – The Philosophy of Pain

By HSP Mystic Chronic pain can make it nigh impossible to focus on anything else. I’ve dealt with chronic pain off and on for years. Over the last several weeks, it has been particularly bothersome. Progressively so, to where for the last few days I have found it a challenge to focus my attention onContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 7 – The Philosophy of Pain”

40-Day Journal – Day 3

By HSP Mystic For the next forty days, I have decided to read about and contemplate the lives of various Catholics writers and saints. I was not raised a Catholic and would not today consider myself one, yet I find more and more that there are knowledge and wisdom to be gained from many beliefsContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 3”

Looking Up – Attentiveness Amidst COVID-19

By HSP Mystic What will people think when they look back on this time? COVID-19, the coronavirus, pandemic, fear, anxiety. What do we think, we who are in the midst of it now? COVID-19, the coronavirus, pandemic, thinking, anxiety. I wonder if we do think about it as we should, as we might. If weContinue reading “Looking Up – Attentiveness Amidst COVID-19”