40-Day Journal – Day 4

By HSP Scholar When I was growing up, I remember being taught that faith is the opposite of fear and if you have enough faith then you cannot be a captive to fear. I spent much of my childhood teen years and even early adulthood captive to fear and anxiety, and often assumed it wasContinue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 4”

40-Day Journal – Day 1

By HSP Introvert It’s strange and welcoming that on the first day of my 40-day focus on healthy living, I am back in a place – a situation – where I feel I can write. When I left this place, I did not foresee myself returning, especially not so quickly. But here I am …Continue reading “40-Day Journal – Day 1”

Looking Up – Attentiveness Amidst COVID-19

By HSP Mystic What will people think when they look back on this time? COVID-19, the coronavirus, pandemic, fear, anxiety. What do we think, we who are in the midst of it now? COVID-19, the coronavirus, pandemic, thinking, anxiety. I wonder if we do think about it as we should, as we might. If weContinue reading “Looking Up – Attentiveness Amidst COVID-19”

The Problem with COVID, The Problem with Us

By The HSP Scholar We are far more concerned about the coronavirus than we should be. We are far less concerned about the coronavirus than we should be. Yes, both statements are true and both at the same time. As a society, we have grown so accustomed to politicizing issues like the coronavirus that almostContinue reading “The Problem with COVID, The Problem with Us”