So This Is 2021

A new year has begun. Some years, December 31st passes into January 1st without a lot of fanfare, it seems. I mean, there are always potential parties to attend, places to go, and other ways to ring in the New Year. (But we HSPs generally don’t go for those things anyway … big crowds andContinue reading “So This Is 2021”

Chronic Pain, Bane or Blessing – Day 13 – 40-Day Journal

Although I don’t like to talk about my chronic pain much, I recently mentioned it to my uncle, as I had to decline on yet another offer of his to join him in hiking around the Rocky Mountains. He takes these trips regularly and it’s a wonder that he is so fit for being nearlyContinue reading “Chronic Pain, Bane or Blessing – Day 13 – 40-Day Journal”

HSP Reflection on The Story We Share – 40-Day Journal – Day 10

By HSP Introvert Although we often fail to recognize it, we all share the same story The story of falling and at times being rescued The story of sometimes continuing to fall with no hand to arrest the descent Yet the story we share is also of finding unexpected grace in unexpected places We allContinue reading “HSP Reflection on The Story We Share – 40-Day Journal – Day 10”