The Highly Sensitive Introvert

Hey there!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Or like you feel things more deeply than most? You might be a highly sensitive person.

Awesome! Me too. I hope you find a place to call home here.

I’m the Emotional Introvert, aka the HSP Introvert, and I’m passionate about helping people understand what it means to be an HSP … in hopes of making this world a more sensitive and gentle place.

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About Me

I spent much of my life trying to navigate the world and feeling like a stranger in it. (Maybe you feel the same.) When I discovered the term “HSP” and learned that I was not alone in feeling and thinking deeply, so much fell into place.

I like books and peaceful places. I have a hard time with loud noises, strong smells, and a lack of sleep.

I have an interest in cycles and seasons, patterns and beauty. I feel that if we were more attuned to the cycles and seasons of our lives, we would feel calmer and have a more gentle approach to life.

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