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I asked my pal, the HSP Introvert, if I had to be an introvert to join her blog.

I do not necessarily consider myself an introvert. Nor an extrovert. Perhaps an ambivert … or is it omnivert? (Is that a word?) What is a “vert” anyway?

But I’m here, blogging away (or at least beginning to) so I suppose it’s fine.

I’m a wife and a stay-at-home mother of four. The kids range from 9 to 16. Two of them are HSPs, as far as I can tell, while two are not. I love them all and I love exploring how different each one of them is, HSP or no.

I come from a big family and sometimes enjoy getting together with them, or with friends … and at other times would rather stay home among my own slightly smaller family. At other times, I would like to simply stay at home alone.

I enjoy coffee and dark chocolate, and discovering good singers and musicians online. I have a hard time with surface conversations and fake people and fashion. Also, I rarely find myself arriving places on time. Hobbies include photography and playing guitar and listening to audiobooks.

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