HSP Mystic (a.k.a. HSP Hermit)


I didn’t choose this title for myself. The other HSPs I am writing with thought it was a good handle. Since I didn’t have anything better, I went with it.

Though I do like “The Woodworker” as that is what I earn a living doing, and I enjoy working with my hands to create and build.

I also like “The Hermit” so am tagging that on as a secondary title.

Spiritual things and histories fascinate me. I generally avoid that which pulls one away from such … including modern media. My friend, the HSP Introvert, has agreed to post my writing for me as I do not have an online presence and have no wish to do so. Bear with me.

I enjoy cooking and baking, mainly with natural ingredients. My abode was an old shell (they might have called it a fixer-upper) in the Colorado mountains and I have worked with it to make it home. Working with my hands as I love to do.


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A Few Thoughts

Though I have no way to verify this, I believe many mystics and deeply spiritual people through times past were likely highly sensitive people (HSPs).

They saw things and felt things beyond the things we can touch and view with these earthly senses.

They felt drawn to connect with a higher power, a deeper one.

And their writings and prayers still speak to many today … most often, likely, the HSPs and empaths among us today.

As I read and reflect on their lives, I hope to share and perhaps even channel some of that sensitivity and spirit.

We could all use some modern-day mystics to help us remember what is important in life.

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